Singaye Kitchen Shelves/Storage Organisers Steel Mesh Layers Rack 150CM 30CM 60CM Silver


  • Instruction before installation:
  • Make sure you get allthe accessories before installation;
  • Install it according to this instruction exactly to make surecorrect and safe installation;
  • Make sure all the screws and other small accessories are
  • keep away from Children when installation .
  • Precautions for use:
  • To avoid corrosion, please don’t put this product in damply
  • location or outdoor environment.
  • Pleasedon’tseatorjumponit, alsodon’t use this productas a platform to get other products, especially pay moreattention and notice children about it.
  • To avoid turnover, transformation and damage, please locateit on a flat floor.
  • Please do not put all articles in one layer, the heavy articlesshould be put in the ground floor.
  • Please use adjustable Leg to adjust it on the floor and makesure it steady.
  • After you install wheels for this product if it has, you can movethis product when open the brakes and fasten it when dose brakes
  • No other use。
  • Maintain instruction:
  • Please stop to use it if it has breakage or transformation.
  • Please check assembly parts carefully every 3 months, andstop to use it if it has safety potential risk.
  • Please use clean fabric to wipe it when it is dirty, use detergentor furniture cleaning agent in the market to scrub it when it hasserious dirty
  • To avoid discoloration or painting fall off, please dont useethyl alcohol, banana oilor other chemicalsolvent to clean thisproduct;
  • Please don’t fix it or remould this product yourself to avoidinfluence useful life
  • After-sale service:
  • If you have any question or unclear issues, please contact withonline customer service or contact with our service hotline,Wewillsolve your problem in the first time.
  • We are not responsible for any consequence and related lossby Natural Disaster, Improper repairing and remoulding.
  • Please dispose product package material properly.

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Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 91 x 36 x 18 cm